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Monday 22nd May, 2017

Alton Maltings sees many events each month that seek to either be a charity fund raiser or promote its work. This gives us privileged insight in to what is successful.

Let us start by saying one thing - Balls and Galas are awesome means to raise funds. We love them! They bring colour, people, music, happiness and plenty of food to the Maltings. We are proud to host the annual Valentine's Ball for Cardiac Rehab and recently welcomed Harry's Heroes. However, to be successful they require an experienced team that can bring this all together, and they need investment. For some charities that brings financial risk which can stop the project before it starts.

Just sometimes, we think Balls and Galas are not the answer. BUT... (and please read on!)

We have recently grown our appreciation of guest speakers.

What?! A lecture?

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In this digital world where information is so quickly available, guess what? People still like listening to stories and especially those that come from the horses's mouth, as it were. Alton Maltings was delighted to host guest speaker Bill Bryson (left) on behalf of Cardiac Rehab last year as he captivated a full-to-capacity auditorium.

Many charities have a patron that can draw a crowd; selling tickets to listen to a notable person speak has proven to be very effective charity fund raisers. The Tyndale Auditorium, complete with digital audio and video projection, a hearing aid loop and seating for up to 400 people, is perfectly set up for such events.

If your charity needs to raise funds with little financial risk and has access to a patron, why not get in touch where our events team will talk you through what is possible? Call us on 01420 81950 or submit the form below.

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