Masquerade Ball for Toby

Toby's Masquerade Ball sets to lighten up Alton Maltings and raise funds to help the toddler following a stroke that left him with Cerebral Palsy.

Toby is a 16 month old twin who suffered a stroke and has subsequently been left with cerebral palsy. Affecting the left side of his body, the toddler is unable to crawl, walk or run about like every little boy deserves to. More so, he can't use his left hand meaning he can't even do everyday tasks we take for granted such as using a knife and fork, tying shoe laces or even getting himself dressed.

There is help available. CIMT, or Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy, can help Toby. The therapy will teach Toby to use his left arm and hand, giving him the chance to begin living his life again. However, sadly, CIMT is not available on the NHS. His family has to raise the funds themselves to give Toby a chance of recovering.

Alton Maltings is delighted to host Toby's Masquerade Ball on April 29, an evening of prosecco, canapés, a 3 course meal, a band, Dj and dancing. The evening aims to raise £9,000 for the treatment. Find out more on Facebook or follow Toby's journey. Tickets available from our reception.

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