10 Point Plan for Charity Event Success

Alton Maltings Business Manager Nick Wright gives his insight in to how with effective planning, you can better deliver effective events.

What’s the goal?

Having an idea of what you want to accomplish will not only help you keep focused but also give you satisfaction when you reach it. For some it is to raise a defined amount of money, for others it is to reward patrons - having the goal helps you shape a successful event.

Get help!

An individual is good but a team can help share the load. You may be the visionary but your vision will fall flat without organisers and supporters.

Time is not your friend.

The longer you leave it the less successful you will be. Allow plenty of time because you will be surprised at how quickly it disappears! We advise you to begin to plan your event at least a year ahead, 6 months minimum.

Book the ‘talent’ as soon as possible.

Most good groups and individuals are booked a year in advance. As soon as you know who you want, get them booked up. Many will give their services for a nominal fee and are far more likely to agree to commit the longer the lead time.

Forget thinking outside of the box.

If this is your first event, put on an event that already has a track record of success.

Tell the media what you are doing as they may well give you a free editorial.

They like local news and will generate much needed publicity and will stir up interest.

Approach local businesses for support.

It is pleasing to see local businesses engaging with charitable events, they are often willing to donate prizes or offer event sponsorship.

Provide a drinks offering to generate extra income.

Providing a bar can prove quite lucrative. There are several ways to achieve this and we can put you in touch with sale or return suppliers.

Take advantage of free advertising.

Whether in the local news or on our bill boards, website and Facebook page, there are many ways to get your event noticed.

Call today!

If you have an idea for a fundraiser for a charity close to your heart, get chatting to people who can help make your event great. With a decade of hosting events, let us have a chance to help: 01420 81950.

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